Remake 4 Water


"Did I Say Thousand Island?"


Watching a movie and  thinking,"Oh, I've done that" or "Hey, that's me!" and feeling like you're in the movie.

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Did you know...


USA Today has

18 million readers daily


There are 1 million restaurants in US alone, employing 14 million.


1/2 of Americans worked in a restaurant at some time in their life.


$709 Billion projected to be spent in restaurants in 2015.


(National Restaurant Association website for more information.)


What niche market?

Restaurant workers, people who go out to eat, and the people who already know about the movie.


Another radio interview was when the film "Waitress" came out. Patti spoke with the Radio Ritas from New York City.

From New York City
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Movie trailer

Below is the entire movie for you to enjoy!

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Morning Blend Interview


National Public Radio Interview

(tells why I made the movie and how it was made)

NPR Interview

NPR plays Public Radio International as well and

PRI listener audience is 13 million weekly listeners

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Email sent by Peter M. on January 8, 2010

We had heard about it on NPR, but it was probably 2 years ago now. My wife mentioned around Christmas how she still wanted to see it. I saw yesterday a legitimate looking link that offered a free download of the entire movie and did not think that was right. I have no regrets in paying for it and think that an artist is entitled to make a living.

We received the DVD yesterday, watched it last night and did enjoy the movie, in particular the insights into the restaurant business. I loved the scene where your character said her job was going well and the customer asked, "Where do you work."

The film does show its budget limitations...James Cameron aside, Hollywood seems so afraid of risk these days, always  looking to do something that has already proven itself and so we get Home Alone 4. At the same time we see the big stars producing their own films for greater control. I could see your movie being remade by producer/star Sandra Bullock with only a few million of her own dollars invested and being a box office success. If not Sandra Bullock, then one of about 30 other celebrity/actresses. Maybe Oprah could throw some small change at it.

I haven't the faintest idea how to get through to those people.  Perhaps you do, because your movie could be much bigger than it was.
Thank you for an enjoyable evening last night and the warm, friendly feeling that lingers when I think about the film. I hope you are not offended by my suggestions and if you have no desire to chase millions, more power to you.  

(I was flattered and also wouldn't have put the movie up for free if I was chasing millions ;-)  )

Thomas Mai is a successful film marketer and he says this:

Having a good story, knowing what your audience is, perhaps having a message, and starting a movement before the film is even out are keys to success.”

People like the story, and the audience is anyone who works or worked in the restaurant industry and anyone who goes out to eat, because they'll probably see themselves. There's a message already, but the important message of water conservation has been added within the story, in a way that is strong but not overwhelming. And there is definitely a movement-- AND it's much bigger than I even realized! I was excited to see Mininova with about 54,000 downloads in 185 countries but now, with so many torrent sites carrying the movie, there are thousands more people watching than I knew. Remember this is a no-name movie made without experience or money, so why are people still watching it?

True story: I live in Alberta (western Canada), was at a wedding in Maine, talked to a brewmeister from South Carolina whose chef gave him my movie to watch. It's around....