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A mission to raise awareness and funds for the global water crisis.

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"I could see your movie being REMADE by producer/star Sandra Bullock...and being a box office success. If not Sandra Bullock, then one of about 30 other celebrity/actresses."  from viewer named Peter.

Welcome! My name is Patti and I made a positive and clean movie that's been seen all over the world! It's a love story set in the restaurant industry. Because of many comments like the one above, I need to find the right people need to remake "Did I Say Thousand Island?" and use it as a "benefit movie". The mission is to raise awareness and funds for the Global Water Crisis, and I need your help.


Leaving the movie theatre with a smile, AND knowing you have helped others get water  they so desperately need.

Earth Day                 3

World Water Day      0


What does this mean?

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There's hope!

The purpose of this website isn't to show you depressing photos of the reality of the current situation concerning the water crisis, but to offer help with solutions to some of the problems. This quote is from the Global Water Challenge. 

"Unprecedented collaboration between all sectors of society is needed in order to achieve  sustanable solutions to this challenge."

That means we must work together! Let's Do It!

  TOM HANKS on "Larry Crowne" Movie


"Movies can have an impact in the oddest ways—in Splash, your character called the mermaid, played by Daryl Hannah, Madison. After that movie, Madison became one of the most popular names for girls.


"It’s a powerful medium: Movies hold sway over many people’s lives."

W Magazine Article

Julia Roberts or Paul Simon?

Every educator, non-profit and author at the International Water Forum at the UN in September 2011 said that public AWARENESS is key to the Global Water Crisis.

There are lots of great documentaries out there to teach the public about water! BUT...

....who influences the public? 

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        The Facts


   Number of movies made in 2014                                       754

   Number of documentaries  made                                       151

   Percentage of documentaries                                           20%

   Box office gross on all movies                            ~10.4 Billion

   Box office gross on documentaries                      ~88 Million

   Percentage $ for documentaries                                       .85%



There's a message that needs to be heard and what better way to get it out to John and Jane Public than through a regular movie? Docs are great, but the general public just doesn't go see them! They want fun and entertainment and won't learn that they need to conserve water from the educational docs about water.




Specific and subtle scenes have been added to the script that exemplify water conservation actions that everyone can do.


By the way, look at how much we spend on movies! It's more than what is spent on all theme parks and all sporting events combined. (2013, pg 10: '14 n/a yet)


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