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Being Happy

Why is a 10 year old movie that was made by a waitress

who knew nothing about making movies, still being watched hundreds of times

a day, and is in EVERY country in the world?

Is it because it's not the typical negative stereotypes

that we have always seen in the past?

Because it's clean and positive and a celebration of the people who work

in the industry and not a put down?

Article on June 12,2007

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From the co-founder of The Black Point Film Festival
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

"What DiVita's homemade production lacks in Hollywood slickness...it makes up for in sincerity. It's a labor of love, an honest look into the world of six-tops and bad tips, a glimpse through the round window of the restaurant's kitchen door."

                        Craig Wilson

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"...it contains in it a small gem of a story that I know like the back of my hand and have an immense love for--the food service industry......

"Did I Say Thousand Island?" is a film about the business and love of food service told from the point of view of those in the middle of it.....

Make no mistake that this is an independent, low-budget film with unseasoned actors at the helm but it has more heart and gusto than any big-budget mainstream film about the hospitality business.  I enjoyed this film for that reason--I knew these situations and I know these people because I have spent the better part of my entire life with them and love them to death......She deserves a nice big tip for this one.

                                                                                                                             David Malsch

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Welcome! My name is Patti and I made a fun movie that's been seen all over the world, and keeps GROWING in numbers! It's a love story set in the restaurant industry. People keep telling me to remake it, but I am not a film-maker so I need to find the right people to remake

"Did I Say Thousand Island?"

Here's a link to the Press Releases I have published over the years.

Thomas Mai is a successful film marketer and he says this:


Having a good story, knowing what your audience is, perhaps having a message, and starting a movement before the film is even out are keys to success.”

"...but the greatest of these is love."  1 Corinthians 13:13

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